About Humetrica

Humetrica has been working since 1990 to develop tools for measuring and developing human resources in major Norwegian industrial and financial groups, organisations and government departments. Operations at Humetrica have been in progress since 2002, focusing on development and sensible operation of our tools and streamlining the use of analyses and reports.

Our vision

Humetrica’s objective should be to become the preferred supplier of analyses and tests in the specialist fields of Human Resources and organisation development. What we supply should be characterised by supreme specialist quality, in combination with the most reasonable implementations in the industry. We want our clients to view Humetrica as solution-oriented, skilled in its specialisms and trustworthy.

Our skills

Humetrica takes as its starting point the fact that if you measure things, you focus on them too. We belong to the specialist tradition in the field of psychology known as psychometry. All staff at Humetrica have a specialist base in the field of psychology, either as psychologists, majoring in psychology or holding a doctorate in psychology. Good, effective technical solutions for data capture and reporting also characterise everything we supply. Humetrica itself develops all the technical platforms that we use to provide our services.

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