What do you do when: dream of a handful of well qualified applicants, but reality presents you with “hundreds” of unsorted ones?



CompMap is short for Competence Mapping, and is both a recruitment portal and a system for administering applicants in recruitment processes.


After many years working with recruitment and selection, we’ve worked out what we need to simplify the processing of applicants; everything from advertising positions, screening candidates by their skills and producing lists of applicants to communicating with candidates before, during and after the recruitment process.


Initially, we designed CompMap so that we could administer our clients’ recruitment processes ourselves with ease. It turned out that this tool was so good that we found ourselves wanting to create a new, commercial version so that our clients could access the product themselves. Now we sell this product separately – as well as integrated with other products – to companies, organisations and operations that carry out their own recruitment now and again.


Some of the options CompMap provides:


  • Access to your own recruitment portal in which all positions vacant can be accessed and searched on.

  • Option of simply placing a “teaser” ad in the media, and integrating the complete situations vacant ad into CompMap.

  • Option of defining the form of the application to which all applicants must adhere. This means that all applications will be identical in format, which again means that you can compare these more objectively.

  • Option of customising skills questions unique to the central responsibilities and fields of the position.

  • The opportunity to create various weightings for various types of skills and abilities. This allows you to automatically carry out a basic sort of all the applications received; this is particularly handy for positions with lots of applicants.

  • Visually pleasing overviews of CVs and responses to applications. Only relevant information on candidates’ educational and experience background is included in CVs.

  • All communication with applicants takes place electronically via CompMap, and individual applicants receive a “history” in CompMap to make it easy for the administrator to view all previous discussion.

  • The system generates both simple and extended applicant lists at the touch of a button, sending this from CompMap to the relevant recipients.

  • Greater security for confidential information.


Flexibility was our central point of focus when we were working on CompMap. So there are more options in the system than we’ve described above. Feel free to get in touch with us if you’d like to know more, and if you like we can give you a presentation of the system. If your company or organisation decides to use CompMap, of course one of our consultants will provide you with training.

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