360º manager evaluation


A 360º manager evaluation is a structured feedback methodology. The manager himself, plus the people superior to him, subordinate to him and alongside him, respond to a questionnaire evaluating that manager’s skills. The results are summarised in a personal report to the manager. A 360º charts strengths and potential for change, and above all it’s a development tool. Humetrica has developed its own platform for effective implementation of 360º manager evaluation online.


Humetrica Coaching Skills (HCS)

Humetrica Coaching Skills (HCS) is a simple 360º analysis of managerial skills which focuses on factors such as communication, delegation, trust, guidance, consultation, advice, confrontation and decision making. This tool permits the manager himself, plus the people superior to him, subordinate to him and alongside him, to respond to questions relating to the manager’s behaviour in various situations.


HCS is used for career and management assessments, and also in recruitment to a certain extent. It’s also very appropriate to use as a pre- and post-test for managers in connection with management development programmes.


See also the section on courses for more information on licensing and certification bids.


Leadership Competence Mapping (LCM)

Leadership Competence Mapping is a full scale 360º evaluation developed in cooperation with psychologists Jon Lund Hansen and Jan Cristophersen from De4. As well as charting a range of skill factors relevant to management, LCM charts the extent to which you contribute towards success in your company’s various focus areas. In the field of modern management theory, people largely agree on a holistic perspective: management is sustainable only if it operates using a broad spectrum of initiatives and results. Here, LCM is based on the thinking behind Balanced Scorecards (Kaplan & Norton, 1996) and the European EFQM model.


“Bespoke 360º”

A number of our clients want evaluation tools which are linked firmly to their organisations’ own management principles. Humetrica helps out with this work, from the operationalisation of management principles and development of questions to the technical implementation of the manager evaluation.


Get in touch with us for a non-binding discussion on how your organisation could benefit from the power a 360º manager evaluation could unleash.

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